UTTO®  Digital Services

UTTO’s breakthrough technologies are delivered through the following solutions;

UTTO’s breakthrough smart technologies are seamlessly integrated within any existing locate device, enabling super fast sub-meter GPS mapping, automatic line generation and legacy map correction for GIS export.
UTTO’s revolutionary Locate Assurance™ technology and field analytics finally allows you to “be at every locate” ensuring optimal QA/QC, best practice compliance and accountability that the industry can no longer afford to ignore.
UTTO’s hands-on virtual reality training studio creates an immersive, real-world electromagnetic environment where the complex skills required for a successful locate can be taught, reinforced and evaluated in a fraction of the time and cost.
UTTO’s damage prevention platform and mobile app allows 811 organizations to log, track and analyze their daily public awareness initiatives, while using real world damage data to target optimal resource allocation and communication strategies.

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UTTO – the patented IoT and cloud platform that connects your training, field technicians, devices and company operations.

Why is UTTO® Different?

Why UTTO’s breakthrough technologies have revolutionized the underground utility industry

Smart Sticks

UTTO’s smart technologies are seamlessly integrated within any new or existing locate device.

No need for expensive external GPS devices, inter-connecting cables or complex and generic 3rd party GIS systems. Simply by installing the UTTO module, it is now possible to transform your existing or new locate devices into a “smart stick” equipped and compliant with UTTO’s digital service solutions. Integration and operation is seamless and does not impact the field technician’s normal workflow.

UTTO delivers these improvements for new or existing locate devices:

  • Cloud-connected locator device with advanced smart sensor integration for enterprise deployment
  • Capture every locate and mark session
  • World-class IoT technology and unfailing data management
  • One-man survey and map operation
  • Best practice locate performance technology
  • Simple, over the air locate to cloud connectivity
  • Multi-axis motion sensing
  • Sub to 1m GPS Engine
  • Optimized GPS time to first fix
  • Advanced data compression algorithms
  • Automatic bluetooth pairing to UTTO mobile device
  • No change in weight or size
  • Enterprise-ready device management and tracking

Locate Accountability

UTTO‘s Locate Assurance™ solutions ensure accountability for every locate in the field.

UTTO’s revolutionary Locate Assurance™ technology and field analytics finally allows you to “be at every locate” ensuring optimal QA/QC, best practice compliance and accountability that the industry can no longer afford to ignore.

UTTO delivers locate accountability through the following features:

  • Qualify locator performance
  • Validate training certification
  • QA/QC of locate session
  • Quality of EM locate technique
  • Keep track of locate time and distance
  • Create and weight key locate metrics
  • Evaluation of key locate metrics (Peak, Null, Depth, Mode, etc.)
  • Easy view and export of individual or team performance reports
  • UTTO locate performance rating
  • Auto-alerts to managers, supervisors and techs

Big Data Analytics

UTTO reveals previously unobtainable operational insights through big data analytics.

UTTO’s digital services platform brings the underground asset utility industry into the 21st century through the use of big data for damage avoidance and asset protection. UTTO’s big data analytics reveal data-driven operational insights captured through the seamless integration of our smart hardware, software and cloud-based solutions.

UTTO big data analytics reveal the following insights:

  • Crystal clear window into daily field locate operations
  • Proactive damage prevention analytics
  • Real-time field workforce locate activity trends and stats
  • Capture and replay locate sessions
  • Analysis in virtual simulator
  • ROI of damage prevention dollars
  • Workforce deployment routing optimization
  • Operational assessment and planning

Why UTTO® Digital Services?

Business drivers behind UTTO solutions

Why did we build our solutions?

UTTO challenges convention with innovation to meet the ever-increasing demands on damage avoidance and asset protection in an industry reliant on localized field knowledge and decade-old technologies.
Underground Asset Mapping | Legacy Map Correction | Locate Assurance

Customer Success Stories

“After 30 years in the utility locating and mapping profession I finally have an easy to use technology built into my locator devices to provide insight into the quality, accountability and best practices for the on-site locate work. UTTO provides my supervisors and managers full insight into the locate work on site to ensure the work is performed in conformance with the locator training, best practices and customer expectations on all projects. The UTTO technology will revolutionize the way we locate, map and track our projects in the Utility damage prevention, Asset management, subsurface utility mapping and GIS projects.”

– Michael Twohig, VAC Group Pty. Ltd (Advanced Locate and Survey Division)

“UTTO has been a great partner with New York 811, responsive to our needs with what the application can do for us. With UTTO New York 811 has the opportunity to capture data from excavator site visits to damage data across our whole service area. With this opportunity New York 811 can more closely monitor damage trends and deficiencies that may be related to increase damages and areas of the region that New York 811 may not be educating and marketing the safe digging message. For tracking purposes UTTO has been instrumental in field compliance and accountability, a tool that proves invaluable.”

– Roger Sampson, Executive Director, NY811