How to Increase Penis Size – Surgical, Non-Surgical Methods, Herbal Supplements and Pills

male enhancement

Usually, as spam emails or television ads, we often come across male enhancement advertisements, making claims about the effectiveness of various techniques and methods for penis enlargement. While we mostly overlook such advertisements, at times, a few we find surprisingly intriguing that make our minds get filled with weird thoughts. So many questions start pooping in our head.

  • Do Male enhancements really work?
  • Do I have the right size?
  • Do I need to go for some male enhancement method?
  • Are these methods really effective and safe?

So, if you too ever had such thoughts, we can tell you that yes! Male enhancement does work. To clear your other doubts, let’s move ahead and get you familiar with what all there is to know about male enhancement and how to increase penis size effectively.

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Penis enlargement or male enhancement refers to any method or technique aimed at increasing the size of the human penis. This not only includes the methods to increase the size lengthwise but also to enhance the overall size of the glace (head of the penis) as well. Also, explore the various methods for increasing penile girth or the circumference of the penis.

Usually, people opt for male enhancement under two circumstances – when they feel they have a small size and consequently when they feel that they are not able to satisfy their partners due to small size.


So, it is crucial to know how small is really small and that what females think about the penis size of their partners. Let’s find the answers!

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What’s the Ideal Penis Size?

what’s the ideal penis size

The fear of not being able to sexually satisfy your partner is pretty obvious among men. However, several studies have shown that most men, who think their size to be too small have normal size in reality. Also, research has depicted that many among us have an overestimated notion about the normal size of the penis. These men usually underrate their size and overestimate the normal size due to a condition, known as penile dysmorphophobia.

The length of the penis cannot be predicted in the flaccid state. A penis, which is 13 centimeters or 5 inches long in the erect state is considered normal. A penis, which is less than 7.5 centimeters or 3 inches in size in the erect state is considered abnormally small. This condition is known as micropenis

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What Female Partners Usually Think about Penis Size?

what female partners usually think about penis size

Don’t go by those misleading advertisements! Instead, talk to your partner and try to learn more about her desires and needs. This way you have greater chances of bettering the sexual relationship with your partner rather than worrying about your size.

Unfortunately, it has been observed through research that in today’s world, the men’s desire to have larger penis has least to do with the need of women, which is otherwise thought to improve sexual performance. A recent study revealed that despite the fact that 85% of women were happy with their partners’ size, 45% of men still thought that they need a larger penis.[1]

Another encouraging fact is that the most sensitive nerves inside the vagina are near the surface. Moreover, clitoris – the highly-sensitive erectile part of female genitals – is found just outside the vagina. This depicts that there are innumerable ways of satisfying a female partner that is far away from male enhancement surgeries, pills, lotions and gels.

However, if you still feel that you should opt for penis enlargement, it is advised to choose the method wisely with complete knowledge about the safety and effectiveness of the same. So, before moving on to male enhancement methods, it is crucial to shed some light on the effectiveness and safety of penis enlargement products and techniques.

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How Effective and Safe are Male Enhancement Methods and Products?

When it comes to male enhancement, surgical techniques have been known to be most effective. Other methods, on the other hand, are usually associated with some complications or other. At times, the complications can be acute, which may include scarring; eventually, resulting in shrinkage of penis or even erectile dysfunction.

Sadly, non-surgical methods are least backed by scientific research with most methods completely lacking any concrete evidence with respect to their efficacy and safety. Nevertheless, a few physical male enhancement methods, especially the ones involving prolonger traction, have been found to be somewhat effective.[2]

Owing to dire risks and outcome uncertainties associated with male enhancement methods, medicals professionals usually discourage patients and try avoiding the same.

The condition, micropenis is, however, is usually treated by doctors through surgery, which is believed to enhance sexual and urinary functions in the treated patients.[3]

As far as male enhancement products are concerned, the story is no different. If you will closely observe, you will find that most products, including pills, lotions, gels and creams out there in the market offer baseless claims in terms of effectiveness and safety. Even the marketers largely depend on biased data, false testimonials, and dubious before and after photographs.

The bitter fact is that dietary supplements for penis enlargement aren’t required U.S. FDA approval; hence, manufacturers are least bothered about presenting tangible evidence about their product safety and efficacy.

So, what is solution? Well, consulting your physician is the key. You must take talk to your doctor about the male enhancement risks and effectiveness before going under the knife or opting for any non-surgical method.

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Now, let’s explore what methods are available for increasing the size of the penis.

Popular Male Enhancement Methods

Penis enlargement methods are loosely categorized into two groups:

  • Surgical Methods
  • Non-Surgical Methods

Both the methods are discussed below:

Surgical Methods of Male Enhancement:

surgical methods of male enhancement

Male enhancement surgeries are of two types:

  • Penis Lengthening: This entails increasing the size of the penis lengthwise. In this surgery, ligament, connecting the pelvic bone and penis, is cut. This makes the penis to appear a bit lengthier – less than an inch – outside the main body. Factually, this surgery don’t actually lengthen the penis, but brings out what generally remains hidden. To ensure that the ligament shouldn’t re-join, the person has to daily make use of stretching devices and weights for 6 months after the surgery.
  • Penis Widening: This is basically about increasing the circumference or girth of the penis. Penile girth is surgically increased using procedures like tissue grafts, silicone or implanted fat.

Risks Associated with Penis Enlargement Surgeries:

Before undergoing any such surgery, it must be kept in mind that all these surgeries are not approved by any noted medical institutions or organizations. Moreover, male enhancement surgeries are not validated by any U.S. govt. organization and thus, people travel outside the country to get the surgeries done. Several risks are associated with penis enlargement surgeries that are as follows:

  • Infections
  • Nerve damage
  • Reduced sensitivity
  • Difficulty in achieving erection

Non-Surgical Methods of Male Enhancement:

non surgical methods of male enhancement

As mentioned above, most physical techniques of penis enlargement lack solid scientific evidences for their safety as well as efficacy. However, some of these are found to be somewhat effective in few cases. Listed below are some popular physical methods of male enhancement:

Penis/Vacuum Pumps:

  • Also known as vacuum erection device (VED), penis pumps is a cylindrical device. When the penis is placed inside the pump, it produces a negative pressure by sucking out the air. This creates vacuum, which bring in extra blood, causing the penis to get erect and get bigger. A tight ring is then placed around the penis to prevent the blood to recede back. This method is effective until you have the ring around.
  • Associated Risks: Using this device for over 20-30 minutes can lead to tissue damage and may even lead to erectile dysfunction. Hence, if you are opting for one, go for medically approved VEDs with limited maximum pressure.

Traction Devices:

  • These are also known as penis extender devices. This device lengthens the penis by pulling at the penis head away from the body for longer durations. The stretching causes microtears at the cellular level, and when worn-out cells heals and duplicates, penis enlargement occurs ultimately.
  • Associated Risk: Penis injury due to mishandling.

Stretching Using Weights:

  • Hanging some weights off the penis in the flaccid state might stretch it to some extent. This requires strong determination and dedication as you would need to hold some weight strapped across your penis for eight hours daily up to the period of around six months.
  • Associated Risks: Tearing of tissues, blood vessel damage and more.

Jelqing Exercise:

  • This is basically a manual technique for penis enlargement with Arab origin. Also called, milking, it includes stroking and squeezing the penile shaft from the corona (base of the glance) to the base of the penis. It is of three types, namely dry, wet and stretching.
  • Associated Risk: Wrongly performing the exercise may lead to tissue damage.


  • Massaging the penis along the length not only increases its length, but girth too. It boosts the blood flow through the blood vessels situated along the penile length.
  • Associated Risks: Improper strokes may lead to tissue damage.

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Other Claimed Penis Enlargement Methods

other claimed penis enlargement methods

Pills, Herbal Supplements and Topical Ointments & Creams:

These range from pills and herbal supplements to gels, ointments, lotions and creams. To be true, there is no scientific research to prove the effectiveness of aforementioned stuff in penis enlargement.

Experts believe that male enhancement products for topical application are completely of no value, while certain herbs, pills like Viagra and dietary supplements are largely beneficial in boosting sex drive and treating erectile dysfunction. All such can only better your erections and may ensure prolonged erections:

So, if you are looking for holistic benefits with respect to sexual health and wellness, you can still go for oils and supplements containing the below-given ingredients:

  • L-Arginine: It is amino acid with a potential to lower the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) while ensuring stiffer erections.[4]
  • Panax Ginseng: This herb helps better erection by relaxing muscles surround the penis.[5]
  • Citrulline: This is found to be effective in improving mild to moderate cases of ED.[6]
  • L-Carnitine: This is good for enhancing sperm motility and count.
  • Horny Goat Weed: Scientifically known as Epimedium, this herb is believed to cure ED and improve erection.
  • Gingko biloba: A women-based study has shown that this herb may boost sexual arousal by blood flow stimulation and enhancing sexual function.[7]

In addition to these, several other herbs are allegedly known to offer male enhancement benefits. These include Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia), Entengo, Catuaba bark, Hawthorn berry and Muira puama. Moreover, powdered rhino horn and deer antler are also used as male enhancement supplements. Basically, these are all natural aphrodisiacs that are believed to resolve fertility issues and improve secondary sexual functions.

Weight Loss for Penis Enlargement:

weight loss for penis enlargement

This is by far the safest of all. It is effective too, but not in real terms. This is because, weight loss reveal that part of the penile shaft, which was earlier hidden under the belly fat. So, weight loss does not increase the penis size but make it appear larger.

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So, the above discussion depicts that for today’s men, male enhancement or penis enlargement is more about their personal concern that usually emanates from their exaggerated notion about the right or normal penis size.

This drives them to opt for surgical and non-surgical methods of penis enlargement for increasing the length as well as girth of the penis despite of the fact that most penis enlargement methods lack ample scientific evidences with respect to their effectiveness and safety.

Penis enlargement, especially through surgery should only be used as a way to treat the condition, micropenis.

So, the thing that needs to be addressed is what actually can help a man to satisfy his partner. Experts suggest that men should keep their focus on remaining sexually fit and ways to satisfy their partners that have nothing to do with penis enlargement.

Sexual wellness is altogether important as not only it is necessary for better sex drive and performance in the bed, but it also ensures overall health and wellbeing.

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