Electronic Equipment Repair & Support Engineer (Naples FL)

Position is for an experienced first class Electronics Technician for repair and support of analog and digital test equipment based in Naples FL.

Position offered can full time or on a contract basis. A written test will be given at interview.

Must have 5+ years industry hands-on experience troubleshooting to COMPONENT LEVEL (not circuit card replacement).

Essential Skills and Requirements:

  • Strong knowledge and experience of troubleshooting analog, digital and embedded design (Power Amps, D/A A/D convertors, DSP, embedded microcontroller circuitry and hardware).
  • Ability to debug and troubleshoot circuitry including active filters, PLLs, pwm ramp & generators, opto-isolators and H bridge circuits.
  • Must be capable of thoroughly understanding complex schematic diagrams and system designs.
  • Clarity with technical documentation.
  • Excellent customer facing skills along with telephone and online support ticket management.
  • Understanding of common analog and IP comms protocols would be a plus.

Please contact us here if interested in the position.